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WORLD UP PRESENTS: Maga Bo Mixtape Release & Benefit party!
Saturday, 6th January
@ Winston Unity Center, 235 W. 23rd St., NYC
w/ Narcy, Pesu, Okai and more

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World Up!

We hope everyone enjoyed a happy and healthy holiday! We are excitedly preparing for our January 6th Mixtape release and Benefit party! World Up will host an incredible evening of international music and collaborations as a kick off fundraiser to help raise money for our upcoming international hip-hop festival as well as sponsoring ground breaking educational programming in 2007. World Up! is looking at its biggest and brightest year yet. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the release of the first World Up! mixtape, scheduled to hit the streets in February 2007. World Up! also brings together some of International Hip Hop´s most talented artists including:

Narcy of Euphrates (Iraq), Benchoummy of The Cheng Chang Crew (Haiti), Okai (Haiti), Pesu (Japan), MC Polo (Italy), La Bruja (Puerto Rico), Beatboxer Entertainment (NYC)

And of course the DJ´s rockin´ the one´s and two´s:

Maga Bo (Brazil), DJ Boo of Juggaknots, and XXXChange of Spankrock will keep the beat live and the party moving.

Our special guest for the evening will be Maga Bo, a DJ/Producer based in Brazil. He will be holding down the evening and is also the magic DJ behind the mixtape. Maga Bo has collaborated with MCs and musicians from all over the globe and is a fantastic example of how people all over the world are redefining Hip-Hop for themselves. Although heavily influenced by Brazil, he has worked and recorded in Senegal, Morocco, South Africa and India. The mixtape reflects his diverse taste in music and the global connection that is Hip-Hop.

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Ugandan Hip-Hop Diamonds in the Rough -The Bataka Revolution

The African Hip-Hop scene is exceptionally strong and diverse. Our good friends The Bataka Squad and 3rdi have an amazing documentary coming out called Diamonds in the Rough.

Diamonds in the Rough offers a raw glimpse of urban Africa through the eyes of four emerging Hip Hop artists in the Ugandan capitol of Kampala. They teach us how to struggle with a smile, how to make the best of life against insufferable odds, how to create our own opportunities and flourish through positivity, presenting a refreshing contrast to the commercialized 'bling bling' gangster rap here in America.

These artists are the voice of the new generation, the heroes of their community and a group of active, enthusiastic and energetic young people more concerned with global change then how much change they have in their pockets.


Water. It is the root of all life.

For us it is as simple as turning on the faucet and sticking a glass under the flow. we drink and bathe, sad to say, with little thought of how fortunate we are to have such facilities.

One in every six human beings has no access to clean water within a kilometer of their home.

In a recent "Water for Life" collaboration between Jay Z, MTV, and the United Nations. Hova himself traveled to Angola to witness the scarcity and growing water epidemic in Africa, and Globally.

Jay-Z was also recently interviewed by ABC about this project. This Video is important to watch on a number of levels. While it focuses on Jay´s growth as an artist, and his Water project, the interviewer takes a condescending tone throughout. He seems to laugh at the idea that a member of the hip-hop community could actually make a difference. Granted Jay-Z hasn´t always been "Mr. Do-Gooder," but the fact remains that he is utilizing his fame, even for this brief moment, to highlight a dire global situation. This goes to show that for every positive step we as members of the hip-hop community take, there will be people who hate on us with prejudices and stereotypes. Let that be a driving force to collaborate, build, organize, and create change.

You be the Judge!

Learn more about the program Here . . .

Our friends at 1 Soul Designs make a t-shirt about this very issue. 1SOUL is a grassroots, Brooklyn based, independent clothing company developed with the goals of inspiring, educating and stimulating the public to provoke change through culture, spirit, thought and political awareness.

World Up!


World Up!
We have a lot of things in the works which we can hopefully tell you about soon. Networking, shows, videos, mix tapes, you name it. We've been working!!!

Everyday this global hip-hop movement grows stronger! There are so many groups, organizations, artists, and individuals doing important work to broaden our scope on international issues. One example is Sol Guy and K'Naan, our northern neighbors, at Direct Current Media. They produce a TV series called 4Real that takes celebrity guests, such as Mos Def, on adventures around the world to connect with young leaders, such as MV Bill (Brazil), who under extreme circumstances are creating REAL change.
You can see a trailer for that series below.

Unfortunately while we collectively make strides for the better we still face negative obstacles, ignorance, and racism. Take a look at K'Naan's VIDEO KickED PushED about an incident his crew faced while on tour with Damian Marley.

Keep your heads high!
Always move forward!

Peace everyone,
We will be inviting everyone to submit pieces of news to be put up on our website. This could be any piece of noteworthy news, a you-tube video, a track, an event, humorous, positive, negative, anything. With that being said, we obviously can not put everyones grind on blast, and there is way too much going on in the world to highlight everything. We do strongly believe, however, that the international Hip Hop community is a vibrant and growing one doing important work in communities globally. In an effort to maintain ourselves as being on the forefront of this movement we would like to make our website a bit more active, to include a blog, and include more of whats going on outside of the confines of the immediate World Up umbrella. OUR GRIND IS YOUR GRIND! Lets keep it moving forward!

Submissions can be sent to [email protected]

Please take a moment to check out the video below created by our friend Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi over at
Clenched Fist Productions featuring the Columbian group Choc Quib Town

Peace and Much Love,
World Up!